Webinar and Workshop: Using EFL learners’ interest as a tool to enhance learning. Evidence from the research and a practical approach with ChatGPT.




10:30 am



Invites el Magíster en Enseñanza del Inglés como Lengua Extranjera

Are you looking for ways to increase learners’ engagement with reading and writing? Did you know that your learners’ interests can be incorporated in the learning process to improve motivation? Did you know that there are strategies that teachers can use to include learners’ interests in their materials?

The webinar/workshop will first report on the evidence that interest influences learning. Being interested in a text can make students more focused on a task, can increase cognitive activity, and can reduce the amount of effort placed on learning. Research on interest and English as a Foreign Language (EFL) suggests that it is necessary to increase learners’ engagement in EFL classrooms. Interest from reading text is a crucial component that can be manipulated and adapted in EFL classroom settings to support learning. Then, the focus will be placed on the pedagogical value in implementing reading activities that are related to students’ interests. In addition, the workshop will present a practical approach to increasing interest in learners. Practical tips and strategies for creating and manipulating reading interest for the classroom through ChatGPT will be offered.

Speaker: Dr. Marco Cancino Ávila


Marco Cancino is an associate professor and researcher in EFL teacher education at Universidad Andres Bello in Santiago, Chile. He graduated from the MSc in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition programme at University of Oxford, UK, and was awarded a doctoral degree in TESOL/Applied Linguistics and Education at University of Bristol, UK. He has published internationally in a variety of applied linguistics areas, including interest in education, vocabulary acquisition, the use of Google Translate in the classroom, and learners’ perceptions regarding online learning. He also supervises undergraduate and postgraduate thesis students in related research areas.

Invitado: Jaime Panes

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