Webinar: Listening comprehension in the EFL classroom: Will it improve if I make my students aware of their listening? Evidence from the research.




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Listening comprehension in the EFL classroom

Are you struggling with teaching second language (L2) listening comprehension to your students? Did the online environment make it even more difficult? Did you know that making your students aware of the listening steps in the activities they complete will help them develop their listening skill more efficiently?


It is a challenge for L2 learners to develop this skill and for teachers to come up with effective ways to teach it. There is evidence suggesting that high-skilled listeners use a repertoire of metacognitive strategies to regulate their listening processes. This presentation will report on studies assessing a metacognitive approach to L2 listening comprehension that implements a guided lesson plan. Also, listening comprehension will be discussed within an online environment, offering practical tips and strategies to teaching listening in the EFL classroom. Join our webinar with host Silvina Zapata, the Director of the Master’s in Teaching English as a Foreign Language Program, as she explores these questions with Dr. Marco Cancino, an assistant professor and researcher in EFL teacher education at Universidad Andres Bello and Natalia Oyarzún, a graduate student from the Program. Open to all EFL teachers across Chile.


Invita: Magíster en Enseñanza del Inglés como Lengua Extranjera



Dr. Marco Cancino Avila

Dr. Marco Cancino Avila

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